Dell Optiplex GX60 with Intel 3.0 GHZ CPU?

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My friend emailed me that he just bought a Dell Optiplex GX60 Intel
Tower PC with Intel Dual Core 3.0 GHZ CPU, 2 GB DDR2 memory from
'Woot's merchants'.

I can find no info on such a combo.  Anyone have any info?

DELL seems to have discontinued the GX60.



Re: Dell Optiplex GX60 with Intel 3.0 GHZ CPU? wrote:
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You could try looking through the list here. Maybe the thing
uses a Pentium D.

The GX60 in the article there, lists 845GV, which is likely
too old for a dual core processor. Maybe the model number is
GX620 and the "2" is missing ?

There is an example of a GX620 for sale here. But this isn't
the right "merchant".

You have to be a bit careful with some models of Optiplex. There
was a high incidence of "bad caps" on the motherboard, which
means not only is it dangerous to buy those machines used,
but if you later needed to buy a motherboard as a replacement,
it could have bad caps on it too. Only a product which was
"re-capped" by someone with half a brain, would be safe. And
the amount of labor involved to do it right, wouldn't exactly
make the thing a bargain any more.

So before you buy a used machine, you'd want to do model number
research, to see if it's a good prospect or not. I've noticed a
few people congratulating themselves on what fine shoppers they were,
and how they got a steal, when it's one of those plonkers
with the bad caps. (When a seller says "only a few left", it means
the warehouse is filled to the ceiling... :-) )

I tried a search on "GX620 bad caps" and these were my first two hits. /

    "My son works in IT and has told me that a large number of
     GX620 mobos are starting to fail at his workplace, sometimes
     visibly ie C329 (next to the cmos battery) is venting (820uF)."

So caution is advised. Sometimes the problem is real "bad caps",
meaning the chemistry inside them is wrong, and they'll start
to leak after two years, even if they're never powered on.
Capacitors can also fail, if severely overheated, such as
computers with clogged filters or inadequate cooling. So a small
form factor machine, with bad airflow, could also be a factor.
But when a large percentage are failing, like someone
reporting 50% failure rate, you'd have to conclude it's the
bad chemistry kind, and they'll all go sooner or later.


Re: Re: Dell Optiplex GX60 with Intel 3.0 GHZ CPU?

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Thanks Paul

Now he says it is a GX620.  Also the vendor was


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