Dell LIVE 5.1 faulty???

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Why cant i put my Dell 5.1 LIVE card into a NON DELL PC??
This sound scrawny.. but got it from a friend who had fried his mobo but
when i try to find it.. it says that it cant detect any card whatsoever..
the card is in prisine condition with the odd cable(for Sound out inside the
computer whatever that is)

Re: Dell LIVE 5.1 faulty???

Anyone gonna help this guy??
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Re: Dell LIVE 5.1 faulty???

On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 06:21:11 GMT, "testor"

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With sound cards being pretty cheap, the typical course is
to buy a different card for that PC and try the questionable
card in a different system.  Maybe card has rare
incompatibility with the system or maybe when the friend
"fried his mobo", that wasn't all that fried.

I've never heard of any kind of Dell-system requirement for
a Live card.  It would be unusual and doubtful that it is a
matter of it being a "Non Dell PC".  I suppose another PCI
slot could be tried but wouldn't expect much.

Sound out cables for the front of OEM systems (little audio
jacks in the bezel) aren't all that unusal, it can pretty
much be ignored till after card is working, if it will...

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