Dell Latitude D410 and x300 max hard drive capacity ?

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My Dell Latitude D410 notebook is dead and so is my Dell Latitude x300
notebook. They both needed a new hard drive each. Can anyone inform me
their max hd capacity for either of them or recommend and dard
drives ?

This spare computer i am using now is approx. 14 years old and it
crashes if there is too much graphics on the screen hence i have
obtained very limited information form the web.

I am thinking of the Samsung  HM160HC or the WD Digital Scorpio 160GB
(both 2.5 IDE/PATA).
Any comments welcome

Thank you in advance.

Re: Dell Latitude D410 and x300 max hard drive capacity ?

john smile wrote:
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These are not maximum values. The sizes listed are what was shipping at the time.


Latitude D410 - "30GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB"

Latitude x300 - "30GB EIDE/ATA-100; 40GB EIDE/ATA-100; 60GB EIDE/ATA-100"


The x300 was reviewed on Oct 25, 2004.

The release date of the D410 is listed as 02/01/2005.

By comparison, this is the Asus table of large disk support, to give
you some idea as to what year disk support went over 137GB.

    "Note: Model manufactured after 1st January, 2003 will all support 48bit HDD
(137 GB HDD)."

As long as the power consumption of the drive is not too high, it should work.
Modern drives do pretty well in that regard. There have been cases in the past,
where a drive upgrade resulted in the drive overheating, as the cooling
wasn't very good.

You should use at least Win2K SP3 or WinXP SP1, if using a drive over
137GB. More info here. The original Seagate document was removed, so the
archive will provide a copy.


Re: Dell Latitude D410 and x300 max hard drive capacity ?

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Any IDE/PATA drive should work as a replacement; no worries about max
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Re: Dell Latitude D410 and x300 max hard drive capacity ?

Thank you very much for the information above Paul and Bud Dout. Those
links above directed me straight to those important pages with just
one click and they loaded on my screen without problem whilst this old
PC i am using now won't even take me half way before the screen

Thank you

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