DELL Inspiron 8500 Fails - Now Screen is Black

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One thing after another.

I left the thing unplugged to anything this morning and left for about
6 hours.  When I returned and plugged it to the AC adapter, it would
begin to turn on and boot up, then stops.  The screen never does light

I thought maybe some keyboard control would light up the screen, but I
can't find any.  Fn-UpArrow does nothing.  I can't even fire up the
BIOS.  Once it tries to boot (makes noise inside) for about a few
seconds, it sits with only the power led on.  The disk drive has power
because I can spin a disk in it.  But that's all it does.  Trying it
on battery only does nothing different.

No idea what could have happened - maybe the best option is the dump.

Think  so?

Big Fred

Re: DELL Inspiron 8500 Fails - Now Screen is Black

OOPS!  I tried something.  I unplugged all power, removed the battery,
re-plugged AC adapter without the battery in place.  Boots right up!

Hell, the battery is brand new and was working just fine.

What do you guys think about this?   I can't run this thing this way.


Big Fred

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