Dell E228WFP widescreen LCD flat panel monitor.

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i was thinking of getting a new monitor and was thinking that the Dell
E228WFP widescreen LCD flat panel monitor was quite a good one.

does anyone have any opinions on this monitor or any alternatives?

i will use it for just browsing the internet and watching movies.
Does anyone have any other recommendations for about the same price
range i.e. US$ 300.

i just had a few simple questions;

if i get this from eBay in America will it work in the United Kingdom?
i.e. are monitors universal, unlike DVDs.

i have a really old CRT monitor with a 15 pin connection at the
moment, is the new Dell monitor compatible?

also i think that the 24 inch monitor needs a new graphics card i.e. a
higher spec graphics card then i currently have, does the 22 inch one
require a new graphics card?

also can i play on a playstation 3 with this monitor?

any help and/or advice would be very much appreciated.


Re: Dell E228WFP widescreen LCD flat panel monitor. wrote:
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You should read the reviews here, before you get too excited.

The best way to shop for a monitor, is to see them in person.
When you've identified the perfect monitor, then go shopping for
it on Ebay. At least then you know it is worth having.

The things you give up, could be consumer protection laws and the
warranty. You'd be surprised how lonely it is, when there is a product
defect, and no one to help you.


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