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I'm trying to ressurect an old Dell 4100 for one of my wifes friends. It
came with ME on it and I installed 2000 Pro. Device manager is telling me I
am missing drivers for PCI device, PCI serial port and Video controller (VGA
compatible). I thought these drivers would be picked up from the win 2000
disk but no luck. Can't find them on the Dell website either. At this point
I don't know where to look. It has an ATI rage 128 Pro video card and I
cannot find a driver that is compatible with that either. Any ideas? Thanks.


Re: Dell 4100

Rudy wrote:
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To aid the enumeration of the chipset basics, you'd want the
chipset drivers. According to this, the Dell Dimension 4100 uses

See here, in the archive section. The ZIP version
is handy when you're snooping around. The EXE is good, to just
get it over with. *+2000&lang=eng&strOSs=19&submit=Go!

The Rage 128 Pro should have a driver.

And the old packages are here.

Do that much, and then post back with what remains.
You should do the chipset first, then the ATI driver
next. There is probably already some version of
DirectX in the Win2K install CD. If you want something
later, you can try here.

You can search for "DirectX Redistributable" to get
the standalone DirectX installer. This one seems to
include Win2K. At some point, the DirectX updates
stopped including Win2K (I know, because I was using
Win2K not long ago, and had to hack some stuff by
hand to get modern games to run). If you want a
different version, search for DirectX Redistributable
in the Microsoft downloads, and check the release notes
on each one until you find one which includes Win2K.


Re: Dell 4100

Rudy wrote:
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All the drivers are found here. The 4100 runs 2K perfectly. I owned 4 of
the at one time running ME 2k and XP at various times. Dell has all
those drivers. =

Re: Dell 4100

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Re: Dell 4100

Rudy wrote:
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I opened the Dell RADXPA00.EXE file with 7-Zip, then looked at the atiixpag.inf
file with Notepad, and this is the device identification.

"Radeon DDR" = ati2mtag_default, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5144&SUBSYS_108A1002

If I look that up here, the DEV matches the Radeon 7000 section ???
It looks like the 7000 is later vintage than Rage.

Perhaps you should get a copy of Everest Free, go to Devices:PCI and
check the entry there as to what the video card is. Everest is a
tool that can help identify hardware. (The latest version is
commercial and sold by .)

Everest may have an ID in its built-in database, which will
eliminate the mystery immediately. For example, this is
my ATI 9800Pro. Converting to more standard notation, the
Everest info gives VEN=1002 DEV=4E68 Subsys=00031002

Device Description    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
Device ID    1002-4E68
Subsystem ID    1002-0003

The PCI serial could be related to modem. I vaguely
remember some people discussing a modem driver as
a way to make a PCI serial go away.


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