Delayed response to mouse double-clicks

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With a certain solitaire game (Diplomat, by GSP), I should be able to
remove cards from their initial locations to final locations simply by
double-clicking on them if it's an allowed move. On a friend's computer,
but not mine, the problem is that after double-clicking, there is about
a one-second delay before the move takes place. During that delay, if I
double-click on the next allowed move, about two seconds will pass until
both cards move. Likewise, if I double-click on five cards in rapid
succesion, about five seconds will pass until they all move (in a blink
of an eye). It's like after each double-click, the program "waits" a
second to see if another double-click occurs. If not the move takes
place; if there is, then the delays all build up.

The program doesn't offer any Animation options that intentionally slow
the response.

There are no other applications, including firewalls or anti-virus
programs, running during this time. I've used System Monitor to verify
that no maleware is hogging CPU time.

In Control Panel/Mouse, the double-click response is okay.

In another solitaire game, Spider that comes with Windows, I should be
able to see allowed moves by pressing the M key. With this computer,
sometimes I have to press M several times to get a response.

So there seems to be something introducing a delay to the keyboard and
mouse outputs (even though double-clicks are registered). Strange thing
is that these delays are not obvious in other applications, like Word.

The friend's computer is an AMD 950MHz processor. 120MB RAM. Windows ME
4.90.300(game is supposed to be compatible with ME). Graphics: full
acceleration. Base Memory, 640K. Extended memory, 121856K. Total memory,
122,880K. DRAM clock 100 MHz.

When I play either game on my computer, using W2K, 512MB, and about
950MHZ, there are no problems.

Thanks for your help.

Ray K.

Re: Delayed response to mouse double-clicks

On Mon, 09 Oct 2006 19:19:26 -0400, Ray K

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Check the system for things running in the background,
especially viri or malware.

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