DDR500 memory - best way to test capabilities?

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Just picked up a couple sticks of DDR500 (PC4000) memory (not DDR2) and I
was wondering how to best figure out how fast it will run, as well as what
settings the EPROM will default to.

Current system is an Asus P4C800E Deluxe with a 2.6Ghz Northwood P4 running
at 3.0Ghz (232Mhz clock). I currently have a pair of OCZ DDR533 running at
4:5 of the CPU speed with automatic timing and voltage settings. The OCZ
should be able to run 1:1 with the CPU, but it's not and I've never really
screwed around to find out why. I'm assuming that the stock voltage, or the
EPROM settings are not optimal for the memory at 232Mhz - even though it
SHOULD run up to 266Mhz.

Now I want to really see just how fast this CPU and memory can go.

I remember finding a website that gave a short, but detailed description on
how to test an AMD system for max CPU, Memory Controller and RAM speeds
independantly (and I can't find it now, dammit!). I'm hoping someone knows
of a similar site for the Northwood P4.

So, I guess what I'm asking is...

- Is there a simple way, when in Windows, to see what the current CPU and
memory settings are?

- Does anyone know of any software that will let you tweak your FSB, etc.
dynamically from within Windows? I'm sure I had something like this when
overclocking my Opteron 165 system.

- Are there any "must read" sites on how to overclock a Northwood P4 and DDR


Re: DDR500 memory - best way to test capabilities?

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Found everything I needed at GURU3D.COM

Re: DDR500 memory - best way to test capabilities?

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Got my 2.6 P4running with stock cooling at 3.15Ghz (243 FSB), and my memory
running 1:1 with the CPU.

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