ddr2 = dual channel ddr?

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Is Dual Channel DDR equivalent to DDR2?

If so, is DDR2 800 equivalent to "Dual Channel DDR 400", or would that be
DDR2 400?

I ask the latter because my K8N Neo4 Platinum motherboard was SUPPOSED to
support the latest and greatest of everything, but I was unimpressed by its
supposed "support for dual-channel DDR 400" since I understood this to mean
simply DDR400 and I have DDR 400 chips from like two years ago, and
meanwhile DDR2 400 is like the slowest DDR2 type of RAM available.

- Jon

Re: ddr2 = dual channel ddr?

Jon Davis wrote:
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DDR2 is simply version two of DDR, it is capable of much higher speeds
(1066Mhz has already been announced), but it has higher latencies.

Double Channel DDR are two exactly the same DDR(1) modules, with
combined speed. So it has the speed of DDR2, without the latencies.

Until DDR2 1066 Mhz is available, I would use DCDDR400 instead of buying
a new motherboard for DDR2


Re: ddr2 = dual channel ddr?

Dual channel DDR is NOT the same as DDR2.  Dual channel DDR is a circuit
configuration on newer motherboards where two identical sticks of DDR RAM
are placed in particular RAM slots on the motherboard and the memory
bandwidth is doubled.
DDR2 is the next generation of DDR and uses different slot layouts.

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