DDR2 1066 vs. 800

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With a reasonably fast computer - something like an AMD Phenom X4
920 - how much difference in performance can be expected by
switching between DDR2 800 and 1066, all other things remaining
the same? A couple of fps in gaming and a few % in rendering
movie files? Not even that or more than that?

Re: DDR2 1066 vs. 800

pawihte wrote:
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With my Intel E8400 rig I was running 4gig of 1066 DDR2, but began
experiencing lockup issues and realized that a couple sticks were bad. I
ended up replacing them with DDR2 800 and I haven't really noticed any
difference at all as far as speed and benchmarking goes.

Re: DDR2 1066 vs. 800

JT wrote:
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That's about what I expected. Thanks for the confirmation.

Re: DDR2 1066 vs. 800

On Mon, 6 Apr 2009 13:55:03 +0530, "pawihte"

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It would depend on which subsystem any particular app is
bottlenecked by the most, but yes in general you'd be
looking at a single-digit % performance improvement, perhaps
a little more in gaming if using integrated video, though if
using integrated video a video card would be a far larger

Then there's memory timings... some 800 memory can run at
1066 with looser (higher numbered) timings and/or more
voltage, and some memory spec'd as 1066 may also be spec'd
to use looser timings and higher voltage with the looser
timings decreasing the performance improvement.

Now is a great time to buy DDR2 due to how cheap it is, but
as always the higher performance memory modules tend to cost
a bit more, though rebates are the wildcard and can put
value:dollar all over the map.

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