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Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading so I can go to a PCIe video card. I also would
like to stay with AMD. I notice that a lot of mobo's are using DDR2 1066
memory. They say it only works with an AM2+ cpu socket. My question is can I
use any DDR2  type or just the DDR2 1066? Thanks


Re: DDR2 1066

Rudy wrote:
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You can use a variety of DDR2 RAM with the computer. When a
top speed is listed, it is not the only option offered in the
BIOS. You'll see other options.

The AMD processors have internal clock synthesis for memory
clocks. They take the core clock, and divide it down, to
make a memory clock. Which allows them to approximate
the necessary clock for DDR2-400, DDR2-533, DDR2-667,
DDR2-800, DDR2-1066 and so on. They use the nearest
divider value, that keeps the memory in spec (so the
speed number may not be exactly right, but errs on
the low side).

So if you want to buy some DDR2-800 for your AM2+ socket
motherboard, there is no problem with it.

In fact, you should check carefully, if buying an AM2+
processor. While the processor may be rated to drive
DDR2-1066, it may in fact only work with two sticks
that way. If you plug four sticks in, it might be
stable at a DDR2-800 setting instead of the full
DDR2-1066 setting. So check the customer reviews on
Newegg, for the DDR2-1066 capable processor, to see
what other people experience. If I was planning on
using 4x2GB sticks, for example, I might buy them
at DDR2-800.

Even some motherboard reviews might provide guidance.

On AMD, the memory controller is inside the processor,
which is why the DDR2-1066 issue is an AMD issue. With
Intel, at least up to the current date, the memory
controller is inside the Northbridge, so if
there was an issue, it would be motherboard
and chipset related, rather than a processor


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