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Info and advice needed please :

I'm looking for a database server for 20-30 users and I'm wondering what
type of machine I should be looking at.

If a workstation is (or used to be)
a "high-end PC" with
powerful processors, loads of fast memory
fast discs,
buffers everywhere,
suitable for calculating,


a server is
a "high-end PC" specially tweaked to facilitate
multiple users, filesharing, network connections, load balancing, remote
management etc.,

well, is there such a machine that combines the advantages of both?

Are there any other specs that I should be looking at.

Does HP do anything in this line ?


Re: Database server ...

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The number of users alone doesn't given an indication of how good a machine
you will need. What type and quantity of data will be stored, what volume of
queries are likely, complexity of queries, which database system (Oracle,
SQLServer, MySql etc), what's your preferred O/S and is it for any
particular application?

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Whilst you don't give enough information to make a proper judgement,
assuming 20-30 users mean at best 1 query a second and that your database
has all the necessary indexes and contains no more than 1 million rows
total, then you won't need a top spec machine. Its always a good idea to
have as much RAM as possible, and don't consider anything less than dual

What is the database for? and what type(s) of application are you going to
run against it?
Brian Cryer

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