Data Recovery Software for failed Hard Drive

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After I took my 80 GB Western Digital Caviar Hard Drive with me on a
plane trip, Windows XP Professional failed to see the drive. It only
showed up in the BIOS, but Windows didn't list it as a drive.  I was
pretty desperate because (shame on me, I know) I only had an outdated
backup of the drive.  There were about 20 GB of data on the drive that
was very important to me.  The drive was physically intact, it spun up
when powered on.  So I went online to search for a software solution
that would bring back my lost data.  After trying out 2 programs that
didn't work, I finally succeeded with R-Studio 3.0
( ).  I downloaded the free trial and it actually
showed all of my files after scanning my drive for about an hour.
After buying the license ($49.99 was money very well spent) I was able
to recover 100 % of my lost files!  I just wanted to share this with
the group: If you ever have a hard drive that's acting up on you, try
this software, it's free to try for files smaller than 46kb.  This is
much cheaper than any data recovery service I know of.

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