Data corruption problems - culprit probably corrosion of contacts again

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Ive got to write that down and remember that. Its so unusual since it
never happened when I was in LA. Here in this humid area by the beach
I get quirky problems with what seems to be corrosion of contacts.

I had my main system sitting around disconnected so the contacts must
have had a bit of corrosion or film or something on them.  I always
forget cause it happens so sporadically and six months or a year later
its hard to remember thats a major a cause of some of my problems.
After cleaning the Sata cable contacts the major problems of massive
data corruption, freezing and other weird problems went away.

It doesnt help that the ends of the sata cable plug ends are an inch
long and stiff which add to the length of the SATA converter add ons
on the HD and the HDs are sideways in my case so the whole contraption
is smashed against the case cover putting pressure on the loosely
fitting sata converters. That also causes so problems but you can buy
those right angle plugs which Im planning to do soon which will solve

Now to fix my nforce3 system.

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