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Has anyone gotten a P3 1ghz on this motherboard if yes please can you
give me the configurations to do it please, am trying to upgrade the cpu
Celeron 600 to a PIII 1GHZ cpu for my son or anyone got a motherboard
that can take this cpu cheap please ? and will I need to upgrade the CPU
fan also?

Re: D815eea CPU Upgrade Help

On Tue, 07 Nov 2006 07:17:45 GMT, "I was saved to Save

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According to this page,

it'll support both the 100 and 133MHz FSB versions of the
P3, 1GHz.  Of course running the 133MHz or 100MHz FSB
version may require you have same spec memory.  IE- PC100
for the 100MHz FSB version or PC133 for the 133MHz FSB
version of the CPU, while your celeron only necessarily
needed PC66... but may have came with or later used PC100 or
133 merely because at that point in time these higher memory
spec'd modules were quite common and as cost effective.

Also on the chart in above link you may note that it
suggests you use bios version P10 or higher.  If your board
is an OEM version, you may need get that from the OEM, IF
they offer a later bios and you may be left guessing whether
their version directly corresponds, is labled as "P10" in
the same manner intel has labled their versions.  Either
way, if the (OEM or Intel) branded source of the board
offers a newer bios than you have, you might go ahead and
flash that first, but even if you didn't, I'd expect the
board to POST and run, but perhaps not identify the CPU
correctly when it POSTs.

The P3 heatsinks were larger, I don't recall which speed but
nearer 1GHz they were bigger than for the slower P3 CPUs.
So reusing your Celeron 'sink could in that case, make it
run slightly hotter but unless you case cooling is poor or
room environment very hot, it should still be sufficient, as
a P3 1GHz isn't particularly hot running and I've used
plenty of 'sinks no better than what shipped on the Celeron
600 to cool them.

There should be no configuration needed, you just power off
the system, carefully remove the heatsink by whatever method
is necessary (IIRC, on a Celeron 600 they still used all
metal clips which you'd insert a small flat blade
screwdriver tip into the end of and carefully press down and
flex out to release it.

After pulling the heatsink off, you'll probably need a
petroleum based solvent to clean off the heatsink thermal
pad (if it were the original pad rather than an aftermarket
heatsink grease).  You'll also need some heatstink grease,
very very thin coat on the new center die.  Dont' try to
reuse an original thermal pad... perhaps this is obvious,
but I mention it anyway.  Installation of the new CPU is the
reverse process, just be sure the heatsink is on good.

There shouldn't be any jumpers to change, at most if the
bios stops and shows something like "cpu change" (probably
worded differently), all you'd probably need to do is enter
the bios, "save changes" even if you didn't actually change
anything, and you'll probably be done.  On some other boards
there might've been a FSB speed to set, but usually not on
Intel boards, they often don't allow changing the bus speed
at all or even when they do, it's set to "auto" by default
which would result in the correct operating frequency
without having to change anything.

Re: D815eea CPU Upgrade Help

I went through a lot of aggravation with this board - and to answer your
question and to save you that same aggravation, YES, I got it to work...
(thanks Kony, remember this nightmare??!)

Here goes:
I upgraded mine years ago, to a 1.2 Tualatin P3 and it works great...(1.4 is
supposed to work - I cannot vouch for that..)

First, get some fact finding info at  www.upgradeware.com  (as well as

They say and LINK Intel BIOS P10.. use that BIOS only, others are locked and
will not work.

Second- The Upgradeware adaptor did not work properly on 2 of these boards I
have - (it cost me buying extra boards, the board was not bad  - Blue screen
of death constantly on both)

If I recall, it had something to do with this adapter setting the core
voltage to 1.475 or 1.525 to match the CPU, however this board does not
recognize these .025'.  So, I bought a cheapie LinLin 370 adapter and set
the voltage to 1.55 (odd, 1.50 didn't work) and it now does indeed work,
rock solid.  I looked around for you and they don't seem to be around

What you are looking for is an fcpga to fcpga2 adapter.  It looks like an
ordinary 370 socket, however it contains jumpers which you would set to
1.55.   You then mount this new socket into the motherboard socket - then
mount the new cpu into this one, then on goes the fan.

It's a desired item for overclockers as the voltage can be bumped up - I
keep it simple, I just want the pc to run...

Google for my saga: Uncle Vinnie LinLin

Also, I would make sure you can find the adapter first, then get the cpu..
seems that is the harder thing to find.. is there a flea market nearby?
This is the cheapest I could find - double check there are jumpers on the
bottom- it appears there are but it does not say...

luck!--B'rgds,Vinnie"I was saved to Save Others, How about you?"
anyone gotten a P3 1ghz on this motherboard if yes please can you giveme the
configurations to do it please, am trying to upgrade the cpu Celeron600 to a
PIII 1GHZ cpu for my son or anyone got a motherboard that can takethis cpu cheap
please ? and will I need to upgrade the CPU fan also?

Re: D815eea CPU Upgrade Help

On Tue, 7 Nov 2006 14:32:51 -0500, "Uncle Vinnie"

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When OP didn't write "Tualatin", only P3 1GHz, I'd assumed
it wasn't a Tualatin.  If it isn't a Tualatin, rather the
more common Coppermine P3, the other issues you'd mentioned
may  not apply.  The board should natively support the
Coppermine P3 1GHz with a newer bios than P10, and without a
FCPGA2 adapter.

Re: D815eea CPU Upgrade Help

You're probably right!  I think when I started that whole thing, there was
some underlying reason why I went Tualatin.. Coppermines may have been very
expensive, or, maybe not up to 1.0 at that time...cannot recall....

Nonetheless, either option is there... and the board is a great board...
still runs great... solid, fairly quick, etc.. my daughter's downloading
practices are another discussion for another day, on another board!  Believe


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