Cybernet PC in a keyboard

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Got a great deal on a secondhand unit (see for the
newer ones).  I removed the HD and put it in USB portable case - it works!  
Looks like this one has Win95 on the 3.2gig hard drive.

It didn't come with a powersupply.  It appears to take 12V (that's what the
label says) but the plug has a weird pinout. Round with 4 pins.

Does anyone know what the pinout is for this powersupply?  I'm really
curious and anxious about starting the PC.

Re: Cybernet PC in a keyboard

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The only available info is "uses up to 120W". That means if it
uses 12V, then 10A has to flow to meet the 120W. So maybe
there are two 12V pins and two GND pins. If the wiring was
+12, +5, GND, GND, then that would be even harder on the pins.
It makes marginally more sense for the thing to be 12V and
GND, two pins each.

Opening up the unit and examining how the power connector pins
are joined on the main PC board, might suggest exactly how many
power rails the supply has. Finding an adapter for it should be
loads of fun. An ATX power supply with PSON# connected to COM,
would be an easy way to get power, as long as the 12V output is
rated for at least 10A. Finding a wall wart adapter with the
right plug and all could be a lot tougher.

Perhaps contact the manufacturer and see what kind of outrageous
price they charge for a replacement adapter.


Re: Cybernet PC in a keyboard (Paul) wrote in

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Thanks for the reply.  

Taking a second look at the nameplate, it says:


It seems the expectation is for + and - 12V

I took apart the powersupply inside to see if I could find out about the
pinout.  Wouldnt it be nice if the circuit board said +12 and -12; but
not such luck.

I got a note off to the mfg'er, I suspect this is 10 year technology and
unless they have kept the adapter in their product design, it's gone.


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