crashed hard disk

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I've got a crashed HD with important data on it, for which there's no

For now, the disk is still recognised in the BIOS most of the time,
wut Windows does not. Linux can see that there is a disk attached, but
cannot access it.
It looks like the disk is having problems with the motor. I don't
think it's spinning fast enough anymore...

I've tried several Windows disk recovery tools, but to no avail. I've
tried to use Norton Ghost to take a local copy of the disk (with the
switch to ignore bad blocks), but again no joy.

I don't know what else tot try. Maybe parted or clonentfs could help
me out, but every try diminishes my chances :-(

I don't know of any other possibilities I could try. I don't think
that opening up the unit and putting the disks in a good unit, will
work, because of the alignment of the heads...

Is there anybody who has an idea what I could try?

Thanks a ton,

Re: crashed hard disk

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Seal in a Plastic bag. Put in Freezer, to chill it right out.
Remove from freezer, and bag. Make sure it`d dry !.
Plug it in as a slave drive, see what you can rescue.

Re: crashed hard disk

Hi someone,

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I know about the technique, but since I suspect the motor (and not
thermal deformation), I think freezing will only make it worse. Do you
think it would help in this case?


Re: crashed hard disk

With those harddrive problem symptoms, you are basically out of luck.
That's why we back up important data.
There are data recovery companies out there that would have no trouble
recovering your data, but their fee starts at around $1000.


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Re: crashed hard disk

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Unfortunatelly the new disk didn't arrive in time (and I didn't expect
this disk to crash, of course)...

I'll have to go that way, but prices seem to be much higher where I live
and sending it across the world, won't do the disk much good, if it gets
there at all.

Indeed, I'm out of luck :-(


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