CR 2032 batterry vs. 2025

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Any reason why I can't use a CR 2032 batterry in an IBM Thinkpad about
12 years old, instead of the 2025 it came with?    They're both 3
volts, both lithium, neither rechargeable, both the same size.

I'm sure there's some difference but I would think either would work
fine   ??


Re: CR 2032 batterry vs. 2025

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The 2032 is thicker than the 2025, if that matters. And it has a
higher ma/hour rating than the 2025.

Bert Hyman    St. Paul, MN

Re: CR 2032 batterry vs. 2025

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Thanks.  That might be a problem.   I"ll let you know, soon, I hope.

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The ma may be a problem in the future, but it should be enough for me
to boot the computer.   I have a bunch of 2032s I got cheap (a dollar
apiece? ) and the 2025 is 6 dollars, from Radio Shack.  For 9 or 10
dollars., I coudl buy a 2025 already soldered to a wire with a
connector, and heatshrunk,, but I hasen't time to wait for it to be

Re: CR 2032 batterry vs. 2025

micky wrote:
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I used a CR2025 in a CR2032 motherboard not too long ago. Just
for a couple days.

It doesn't fit the socket properly. The clip that holds the battery
in place, expects the thicker CR2032. Since the CR2025 is thinner, you
have to fiddle with it, to get the clip to grip it. And if the
computer is shaken or bumped, it could come loose and make a poor
connection. I don't know if it could completely escape the socket
or not. I got it to hold well enough for my purposes (desktop - located
stationary on a table).

Batteries have a voltage rating and a milliamp-hour rating. The
voltage on the CR2032 and CR2025 is the same. The milliamp-hour
rating of the CR2025 is lower, so it lasts fewer years when called
on. Will it last for a week or two, while you're getting the
proper battery ? Sure.

The CR2032 is around 225 mAh. The CR2025 is 163 mAh. So the
CR2025 lasts about 72% of the life of the CR2032, about
2 years worth if the computer is unplugged.


Re: CR 2032 batterry vs. 2025

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Two years is a substantial difference.  I used to know how old this
laptop was, but maybe 12 years now.   I bought it maybe 4 years ago on
Ebay and it worked just fine.

 It may have has had the original battery all this time becuase I
didnt' replace it

This all relates to my prior thread about attaching leads straight to
the battery.   There is actually no battery holder in the IBM Thinkpad
600E, just a little connector  a short pair of wires and leads that
are spotwelded straight to the battery.   Then it's all heatshrunk and
stuffed in a little spare space.

Somehwhere you asked me to use my imagination, but I already had.
There was just no spare space in the memory compartment, where the
connectiion is, and no way to get to the other compartments, except
maybe by taking it apart far more than I want to do.

So before I buy the 9 dollar battery, or even the 4 dollar battery
hoder that holds from the side, that is on the page John McGraw found
me., I want to know if the computer works with the new harddrive, so I
decided to make the wires t0 inches long and route them where the CD
drive slides into the bay, through the crack and outside the computer.
Then I put some heatshink on.

And the computer does start now, though it doesn't yet boot for some
reason.  I've been using the partition software, 7 different programs,
on Hirend's boot Cd to try to figure it out.    I'm tired tonight.
I'll work on it tomorrow.

But the battery holder was designed for a 2032, and I bought it at
RShack for $1.19.    Yesterday I ripped one from an old mobo,
destroyed the whole computer to get it , but it  was even thicker than
this one.  I hoped this one might be thin enough. but it wasn't,

I thought I had to get this done by Wednesday or Thursday to take it
with me to meet my brother's family in the Smokey mountains**, but
last night I arranged to boroow a much more recent ACER notebook.
Maybe this one will be ready after all.

**It's not that I need my email so much, or even newsgroups, but I
think I will need tourist information for my drive down and back, a
day and half each way.   While I'm there, my older brother is in

Re: CR 2032 batterry vs. 2025

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If you stack them, you will add the amps - why not put in 2 on top of each
other, both the same way round.

Re: CR 2032 batterry vs. 2025

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Because they don't make holders like that?

But stacking would add the voltage.  I guess that would increase the
amps expendeed but it wouldn't  increase how long they lasted..  The
opposite.   And it might be bad to use 6 volts where 3 are expected.

Putting them side by side would add the maximum amperage, and share
the battery depletion between them, at the same voltage.  So they
would last twice as long.    They don't make battery holders like that
either. but one could t ape two of the singles together, and dangle it
outside the laptop like I did mine.

I did this with my uninterputible power supply.   It came with ribs
inside definiing the space for the battery.  I broke out the ribs and
put in a bitgger battery, same voltage, more maH in parallel.   It
will twice as long to fully charge, but there is plenty of time to
charge.  When I need it to power the computer, it will be charged and
last twice as long.

Re: CR 2032 batterry vs. 2025

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You are quite right - sorry, my mistake. Schoolboy error really!

Re: CR 2032 batterry vs. 2025

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I wouldn't know where my head was, if it weren't tied on.

Re: CR 2032 batterry vs. 2025

Yeah, you can use it.  The 32, the 25, and the 16 are pretty much
interchangable except as noted above.

I cut the battery terminals close to the battery and shoved them into
the space between the replacement battery and a piece of shrinktube then
shrunk the tubing down. Made good enough contact to keep things lit up
for the last 3 or 4 years. The next time I may add a contact pad to the
end of the wire.

I'm generally leary of the cheap batteries.  Don't mind using them for
car door locks or scales but don't trust them in most computers where
they are buried in the innards.

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