CPU Q-Fan Ratio and other questions

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I'm fine-tuning my BIOS settings and I'd like to know what value I
shoud put in "CPU Q-Fan Ratio". The tooltips say "Select the fan speed
ratio for fans to operate at low CPU temperature". Here are the
possible values: 11/16; 12/16; 13/16; 14/16; 15/16. Could you explain
the difference of each of them please?

The CPU temperature is 34=BAC/93=BAF and the speed of my fan is 2000 RPM.
Is this fine?

What should I set under "VCORE Voltage" and other voltage values?
Should I let the default values?


Re: CPU Q-Fan Ratio and other questions

On Sat, 15 Mar 2008 19:46:58 -0700 (PDT), Charles

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11/16 is elevent sixteenths of full fan speed, 12/15 is
twelve sixteenths, etc, etc.

To pick which you use will depend on your particular fan,
how it responds will vary and also the thermal load that fan
is attempting to cool, what speed is high enough to do the
job yet low enough to reduce noise, fan wear, and dust

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Is the setting known to be assigned to the CPU fan?  usually
the CPU fan IS the first a board manufacturer would have
adjustable but not necessarily the only one.

Your CPU temp (presumably at idle) is fine, but more
significant is how hot it gets running for (about 30 minutes
or longer) at full load, for example running Orthos (Google
will find it), and factoring for the highest ambient temp
the system will see year-round based on the room it's in.
For example if Orthos causes 55C peak temp but it'll be 8
degrees hotter in summer in the room, 63C might be about
borderline and possible the fan speed should be set higher,
the case airflow increased, or a different heatsink used.

Thus far 2000RPM seems fine as it's seldom a CPU will heat
up over 20C with a load, but maybe it will heat up a lot
less and you can throttle the fan back even more as 2000RPM
may not be loud but is usually loud enough to be more
audible than it might need be.

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Yes, leave them at the defaults until you have a specific
reason to change them, like instability, overclocking, or
more often if you had certain high(er) performance memory
that was spec'd to need 2.0V to run at it's spec'd timings
and frequency but the board defaulted to using ~ 1.8V.

Re: CPU Q-Fan Ratio and other questions

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Thank you!

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