CPU overheating "Shutdown feature"

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Im having a bit of a problem with "CPU overheating".  I put that in
quotes because I dont believe that my CPU is really overheating, but
rather somethings wrong with the temperature reader and its giving me
false readings.

I just put together a new server with old parts that I had lying about
the house.  When I go to turn it on and it goes through the boot phase
i notice that the CPU temperature is reading up to 180 degrees
farenheit.  I quickly shut it down and went to check this and the CPU
and the heatsink are cool to the touch.  Re-starting it again still
showed the exact same temperature.  I tried letting it sit, re-applying
thermal gel, and even putting a fan on it and the temperature never
reached below 150.

So I get into windows and after a few minutes of the computer being in
windows, it freezes.  Its still "on" in a sense but seems to be in a
sort of hibernation mode.  Like everything is still spinning, but
nothing is responding or "thinking".

I know that some newer CPU's have a shutdown feature that will kill the
CPU if it gets too hot.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to
do this or perhaps give any more advise on what i could do.  I
seriously doubt that the temperature of the CPU is in the hundreds, esp
since the case temperature never goes about 70 degrees at any time.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Re: CPU overheating "Shutdown feature"

dotrsin@gmail.com wrote:
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THis is a sign of an actual heat problem.

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Hmmm. Check with the manufactuor of the MoBo if they have a Bios update
that says something like "fixed false temperature readings"

If there is no information, but there is a newer BIOS revision, I'd
give it a try anyway.

Really having a cool heatsink and a hot chip is a problem. Is the
heatsink firmly secured? Did you get both the heatsink and chip *clean*
before reapplying the thermal gel?

Re: CPU overheating "Shutdown feature"

voltage setting ok ?

Re: CPU overheating "Shutdown feature"

dotrsin@gmail.com wrote:

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It would help if you said what cpu you are using as well as the motherboard
and what kind of heat sink you are using!

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