CPU overheating at 60 degrees? Power supply failing?? help!

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I'm usually able to successfully pinpoint most problems on my pc, but
this time I am really stuck!

My PC (see system specs at bottom) has been running fine for the last
18 months I've been using it and last night it, for the first time
ever, it froze up completely, in the middle of doing some photoshop
work and listening to music.

I had to power off the computer and reboot it to regain
'consciousness'. I resumed my photoshop work and winamp player and
within 10 minutes, freeze again! Graphics on screen froze and music
I immediately though, heat issue. I powered off, rebooted, check my
temperatures in the BIOS and found:

Case: 28 degrees.
Cpu: 50 degress.

(Fan RPM's were around 3000)

While checking some other settings in the BIOS, i paged back to my
screen displaying the temperatures and found that the case temp had
dropped by one degree and the cpu dropped by a 2 more degrees. Seems
normal to me.

I booted back up, but on loading of my windows desktop, and installed
motherboard monitor so I could actively monitor my temperatures.

MBM showed case at 28'ish and CPU and 49'ish. I have never overclocked
anything on my PC so I couldn't understand why anything would be
overheating...especially under normal desktop usage.

So I put my system under load to see what would happen...I ran every
photo and video editing app on my system and watched my case
temperature go up a degree and my CPU temp rise from 49 to 52...to
56....to 59...freeze!

Power off, boot up...system freezes at BIOS screen.

Power off, try again....no signal to monitor at all, but system still
powers up.

(something is too hot i'm thinking)

Power off, waited a minute, power on and checked temperatures in BIOS
immediately. Case temp high 20's....CPU temp low 50's.

Power off, case off, check the guts and everything looks fine. No
sizzling, no smells....I felt around the case and nothing seemed
excessively hot. I don't get it!

It's been awhile and I'm not exactly up to speed on hardware all the
time...but low 50's and high 50's of CPU temp may be "a tad" high...but
nothing to the point where they would lock up a system and fry the CPU
itself i would hope.

Powered back on my PC on and while just idling in BIOS, i checked the
back of my case to have a look at the power supply to make sure the fan
was spinning (my BIOS doesn't report the rpm or temp of my power fan)
and it was indeed spinning. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but
although the fan is spinning, I can feel barely any warm air coming out
of it at all (or any air for that matter..fan seems to be maybe
spinning slower than others).

I left my PC off for the remainder of the night and thought i'd have
another crack at it this morning.

Power on....system appears to power up fine, lights blinking...fans
spinning, no beeping.....and signal to my monitor. Nothing now!

So now, my computer powers up, but no signal at all to screen and no

So i'm stuck and don't know where the problem lies.
Leaving the computer off overnight since the problems and to have it
not just work at all anymore 8 hours later is perplexing to me to say
the least. Cpu? Video card? Power supply??

Arrggh I have no idea now.


System specs:
gigabyte 8I-8145 motherboard
Intel P4 2.8ghz
1 gig ram 3200
ATI radeon 9600 pro
120gig seagate ata hd
300W power supply

Re: CPU overheating at 60 degrees? Power supply failing?? help!

60C should not cause problem for a P4 as they are known to run hot. A CPU
failure is very very rare. Blow dust out of CPU heat sink. I wonder if you
noticed the power supply's fan spinning or noted a large flow of hot air
being blown out of power supply? I have had more power supplies fail then
anything else. I suggest you examine power supply fan. If not spinning
definatly bad PS. Then clear CMOS BIOS battery jumper and see if computer
can power up. After testing with a known good PS then look at motherboard or
possiblt RAM problem.

Re: CPU overheating at 60 degrees? Power supply failing?? help!

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Look at the specs published by Intel. The P4 is rated at a max 68C.


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Re: CPU overheating at 60 degrees? Power supply failing?? help!

On Sat, 27 May 2006 13:38:13 GMT, spam@uce.gov (Bob) wrote:

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"Some", maybe, but not all.  It's quite common to have  P4
at 60C, and maybe it reduces the lifespan but that should be
several years still.  At 60C the more likely problem at this
age (of the system) would be if a poor silicone based
thermal compound were used and it had degraded over time and
thermal cycles.  Even so, that problem is much more likely
on open flipchips at high heat density such as Athlon XP,
video cards, or perhaps some board chipsets (only due to
being passively cooled, their heat density isn't so high
relatively speaking).

Re: CPU overheating at 60 degrees? Power supply failing?? help!

well, problem fixed.

tried swapping the PSU, no luck.

replaced the motherboard. powered up, everything working fine

(also, after reinstalling cpu and heatsink with new coat of thermal
compound, cpu is running in low 40's to mid 50's under high load)

kony wrote:
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Re: CPU overheating at 60 degrees? Power supply failing?? help!

On 26 May 2006 09:47:11 -0700, kurrent@gmail.com wrote:

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I suspect the power supply.

Re: CPU overheating at 60 degrees? Power supply failing?? help!

kurrent@gmail.com wrote:
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Thermal spec on p4 2.8 varies between 67 deg C and 75 deg C depending
on the exact model.

So you could be real close to chip death temperature, or you could be
fine. If it's been hitting 60 long term, it may have died if yours is a
low temperature tolerant model.

May be cooked chip.

Re: CPU overheating at 60 degrees? Power supply failing?? help!

paulmd@efn.org wrote:
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 From the wording in the OP, I wonder if he understands that the
temperatures are in Celsius?
Lee in Toronto

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