CPU/MB/PSU recommendations

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I'm looking into replacing my aging Duron system and I'm after
suggestions on a cool (temperature), quiet (not necessarily silent) and
energy efficient setup. Performance isn't really an issue, just needs to
equal or better the Duron 1200.


Re: CPU/MB/PSU recommendations

On Fri, 05 May 2006 13:15:12 GMT, Blumf

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skt 939 and a lower-end Athlon 64.

pair with a 3rd party heatsink wearing a low (about 2000)
RPM 80x25mm fan.

Anything modern is going to be faster than the Duron 1200.
Key to  low noise is low RPM fans- and going to larger
diameter and thicker fans, even more fans if absolutely
necessary, instead of significantly higher RPM fans.  Given
any CPU (family), it has the same thermal interface so the
faster it runs and more voltage it needs, the harder it is
to keep cool.  That's not to imply it's hard to keep a
faster Athlon 64 cool, but rather if there is no need to
have (and pay for) utmost performance then the lower speed
ratings fit better with what you've specified.

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