CPU Heat - Changing Fan?

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I'm having a little heat problem with my AMD 2700+ chip.  At rest, it
runs about 60C and 67-68C when under a load.  It has done a little bit
of random rebooting recently and I think that I would like to take off
the heatsink/cpufan and potentially replace it.

So here are my questions:

1.  I believe that I used the tape when I installed the fan the first
time.  Am I going to have a hard time getting the residue of the tape
off the top of the cpu?  If so, how/what do I clean it with?

2.  If I do end up getting a new fan, what do you recommend?
Reasonably priced, sub $50 pls.

3.  Is arctic silver the recommended cooling gunk?

3.  Is it bad to used tape AND arctic silver gunk?

thanks in advance,


Re: CPU Heat - Changing Fan?

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Use WD40 on a cotton bud, or small piece of cloth to remove the adhesive..
But you heatsink\fan  probably just need a good clean out.

Re: CPU Heat - Changing Fan?

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I have always used lighter fluid to clean the old gunk off. I think acetone
works well and if you don't have either of those, try your old lady's nail
polish remover.

I have a Pentiun 4,  3.4 gig that runs cool as a cucumber with the Zelman's
7000 CU heatsink/fan. I paid less than $50 for it and it came with "gunk".
It's quiet and the fan is adjustable. I see that they now have a supposedly
"new and improved model", (Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu). Will that fit your chip? I
have always used Intel and not familiar with AMD.  Check it out.

I have used Arctic Silver and the generic stuff and see no difference. Just
use that and no tape. All you are trying to do is fill in the very small air
gaps between the chip and heatsink. I massage a little on the heatsink and
chip contact area and then apply and spread whatever amount that I'm going
to use. It doesn't take a lot. Have fun and "Happy New Year" !

Re: CPU Heat - Changing Fan?

On 1 Jan 2006 11:53:51 -0800, mistafadedglory@gmail.com

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Maybe, but taking it off, cleaning off the gunk and dusting
out the system might be enough.  Did it always run hot?  It
should be expected to return to same temp levels it did when
new again, providing same ambient room temps... if it's
situated next to a heater duct or other warmer location, you
might move it.

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It might help to have system turned sideways, opened up,
then run the system to heat up the CPU and soften the
thermal pad between sink and CPU.  Turn off system (unplug
it) and take heatsink off while it's still hot.  Do it
quickly, BUT not rushing TOO much, be careful more than

Petroluem based solvents are the surest cleaner.  Goo-Gone,
WD-40, most anything that says "contains petroleum solvents"
on the label.  Avoid stronger things, no acetone.  Some have
good results with alcohol but it won't get off some thermal
pads- if it spears instead of slowly dissolving then move to
the petroleum solvents.

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Thermalright makes a few nice ones, like a SLK-800 plus a
name-brand fan at sub-3000 RPM for lowest noise.  With a
lesser heatsink, I can't guess what fan speed you'll need
for sufficient cooling due to this unknown variable.

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Any synthetic based compound.  Arctic silver or ceramique or
alumina is fine, as are a few other brands so long as it's
synthetic (would be mentioned as a primary selling point) as
they degrade less over time, in use.

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Yes, use only the thermal compound alone.

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