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Re: CPU Fan Speed in Red

On Mon, 14 Nov 2005 21:46:22 -0800, Mistoffolees

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I agree, though for single good fan it can cost over $10
delivered or by the case, less than $1.50 each.  Regardless
if there is any question the fan should be replaced.

HOWEVER, there are circustances where simply replacing the
fan is not an option, or at least not so easily done as
written.  Some are proprietary shapes or sizes.

The important factor is the quality of the replacement.  If
one buys a lower quality sleeve bearing fan, they may have
actually had a better result and longer life by relubing
their current fan than installing a new one.  

The primary fan relube scenario would be one where the
system "needs" to keep running, be taken down and back up
with limited downtime.  Perhaps downtime in a PC for home
use isn't so significant but for some companies it could be
very costly to allow a fan to fail by delaying until a new
one arrives.

Lubing sleeve-bearing fans is a fact of life though, it's
not really unexpected that it should occur as a regular
service item just as it should be done on any other fans in
your home such as a furnace blower, etc.  PC fan is cheaper,
but it's also a lot easier to access and lube.

Re: CPU Fan Speed in Red

I Have exactly the same problem with the same board and at the same low
1600 to 1700 RPM, if I wait a litle minutes the speed is up to
2300 RPM. Later I
turn off wait some minutes and turn on again and the
low speed again.

I using a Brand New Intel retail box with cooler, 2.66GHz. The
problem is that
this motherboard have "smart" Fan control to avoid
noise, but have a bug to
bypass the low speed alarm when it has the
"Smart" antinoise low speed. If you
look the Bios Upgrade you will
found one Upgrade wich change the low speed
threshold to 800 RPM. Some
body think a Intel Brand New CPU FAN need grease?
Plese dont turn a
Specific mainboard bug problem in a Fan lubrication problem.

The bios Update can be downloaded hee:



Re: CPU Fan Speed in Red

I have been told by the computer store to go into the BIOS and set the fan
speed alarm to "ignore this" (or whatever) because the fan is actually
spinning higher then the minimum setting.

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Re: CPU Fan Speed in Red

Could this also account for the PC wanting to reboot occasionally after
opening as far as the desktop.
Although this seemed to only happen after installing Trend Micro PC-Cillin
anti-virus software.
Without PC-Cillin installed it seemed OK.
Could be a different issue?

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