CPU fan problems

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My PC has been pretty quiet and cool since I got it about four months
ago, but now my AMD CPU fan is loud around twenty minutes after I boot
the machine and my case is much warmer! By now, the fan's blades are
coated with a very thin layer of dust.
-Is it possible that it's just poorly made and failing early, or is it
unusually sensitive to dust and need compressed air?
-If a new fan is required, what is the cheapest replacement fan (for
Socket 939 AMD64 3000+) that is as quiet or a little better than the
CPU’s stock fan? I would like recommendations based on products/prices
from a reputable store like newegg or mwave.

Re: CPU fan problems

Your computer CPU is it's brain......

Just as when riding a motorcycle, do you really want to protect your brain with
the cheapest product available?

Spend the money, get a good one. Your local computer store will be able to match
up a fair priced one with your CPU.

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Re: CPU fan problems

At my comp wrote:
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By all means, make sure that everything is clean before taking more
drastic steps. Sometimes a fine film of dust inside the heatsink, one
that you cannot see, will reduce the cooling efficiency severely.

If your CPU cooling fan is on a standard AMD-issue aluminum heatsink
then it should have a 70X70X15(mm) cooling fan. Sadly this is an odd
size which somewhat limits your replacement options but if you are just
looking to get your system back to where it was originally, and there is
nothing at all wrong with the stock AMD cooling solution, you can pick
up something relatively cheap to replace it. One commonly available fan
which should work well is the Evercool EC7015M12CA. Others are made by
Pabst, YS-Tech, and others but none are nearly as easy to find as the
Evercool. Whatever your decide you will want to find a quiet low-speed
fan -- some fans spin at horrendous speeds and sound like a Hoover after
they get going. The stock AMD fan can be changed out without pulling the
heatsink from the CPU with the removal of four screws.

BTW: the 70X70X15 stock fan on my AMD cpu was made by Delta, model
AFB0712HHB if that is of any help.
John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: CPU fan problems

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Directron in Houston is a reputable store - I shop there in person and
know several people.

This model


is for the P4 Prescott. My son has one and it works even under the
most stressful conditions. However you need to find out which is the
best one for your CPU. Don't install the "FAN MATE 2" speed control -
it's not really needed and is just a source of potential problems


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