CPU down-grade: example of 'rich deserve'.

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Society and the economy have changed.
Knowledge is valuable and WILL be rewarded.
I need an old MotherBoard that can do BOTH IDE & SATA.
In my location I can't buy one, except from a 2nd-hand shop,
where he sold me the MoBo + 2GB-mem for  $9x, and
wanted $16x for the CPU.

I don't WANT an expensive CPU, which kiddies need for their
video & games.  Where are all the zillions of low-power CPUs,
from the users who 'upgraded to the latest gota-have'?

Now I've got worthless hardware costing $9x, and all the
low-power CPUs are discarded, because we can't MEET.

Because the MEETING of my hardware with a compatible
CPU needs knowledge-about-the-compatibility.

That's why those with the knowledge to ADD VALUE to
society will and deserve to be paid.
Without equal knowledge we are NOT equal. And more
importantly, the more UNequal we are in earning, the greater
the incentive for the ignorant to become knowledgeable. The
steeper the river, the faster the flow TOWARDS equal-level.

How/where can I buy a compatible CPU ?


Re: CPU down-grade: example of 'rich deserve'.

NOTE: The OP decided to cross-post to the following UNRELATED newsgroups
(so he could spam his societal whining regarding 'haves' and 'have nots'
into an unrelated newsgroup):


My reply addressed only his hardware issue, was submitted to both
original newsgroups (but only for my initial reply), and redirects
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"Avoid9Pdf" wrote:

<snipped the societal drivel>

Quoted text here. Click to load it

So you no longer need an old mobo.  You just bought one by itself
without getting a combo that included the CPU (so you'd know the price
for the combo you need) or invesigating the cost of the CPU before

Quoted text here. Click to load it
<snipped the rationalization>

Quoted text here. Click to load it

MEET = Out of your price range.

<snipped more societal drivel>

Quoted text here. Click to load it

"Without equal knowledge we are NOT equal."  Guess you really don't
believe your own blather.  You expect someone *else* to know what mobo
you bought and what CPU *type* it takes?  Give us "equal knowledge",
like the brand and model of the mobo, or what CPU type and speeds that
its manual says the mobo will support.  Your location is also important
as that determines if respondents are to find for you a local retailer
in your area or if you're willing to have the item shipped to you (and
if you'll accept costs for intl shipping).  You need to have someone
ELSE know what you have if you want their suggestions on where to buy
that as-yet-unidentified CPU.

If you're in an area served by Craigslist (for local pickups), go look
there for old computers being sold or given away.  I just gave away an
old Pentium II Slot-1 computer (case, 350W PSU, mobo, CPU, 768K memory,
13GB IDE HDD, SVGA PCI video card, data/fax modem, CD/DVD-ROM drive,
Windows 2000) for free rather than bother to haul it to the transfer
station (e.g., dump drop-off).  It was still quite usable for writing
docs, doing e-mail, and even web surfing but I've got too many much
better computers to waste the space for this old beast.  Someone else
wanted it, though, and they got it for free.  I was surprised they
didn't take the old CRT monitor, too (someone else separately grabbed
that later for free).  There might be an electronics recycler in your
area where you can pickup an old computer with the CPU you need inside.

There are many places to buy old processors (alone or to dig out of old
computers).  However, if the product has not been manufacturered for
awhile then the value goes up for someone to shelve that product for you
all that time and because it becomes more rare.  Increased rarity
engenders increased price provided there exists demand.

Re: Re (2): CPU down-grade: example of 'rich deserve'.

After serious thinking Avoid9Pdf@gmail.com wrote :
Quoted text here. Click to load it

You do talk bollocks, don'cha?

Re: Re (2): CPU down-grade: example of 'rich deserve'.

NOTE: The OP refuses to keep his inquiry on-topic by continuing to
cross-post to UNRELATED newsgroups.  I omitted the following newsgroup
in my reply:


and submitted my reply only to the remaining newsgroup related to his
hardware inquiry, which was:


"Avoid9Pdf@gmail.com" wrote:

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English is not your native language?  "He sold me the mobo" means you
have the mobo.  You have a different definition of "sold"?  You lied?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

We have ourselves a troll here in the hardware newsgroup.  Time to
update the kill filters.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Oh, yes, and, of course, you identified your location in the body your
post but it's in invisible ink.  Uh huh.  Apparently you don't realize
your location is NOT divulged in the headers or body of your post.  If
you thought we were standing behind you to see at what you were pointing
for the hardware sitting on your desk, you were wrong.  If you thought
we knew where you are physically located, you were wrong.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

And the OP continues to keep secret what mobo he was "sold" and where he
resides yet he expects respondents to know what he has and his location.
Perhaps he should find his old Magic-8 Ball since he desires answers as
vacuous as his question.

Time to stop feeding the troll.  Bye.

Re: Re (2): CPU down-grade: example of 'rich deserve'.

VanguardLH wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The OP originally posted a question Sept.3/2012. The information we
have to go on, is this from the back of the motherboard. PC Chips is
the only brand I know of, that on occasion places absolutely no
brand or model number information on their motherboards. Others
usually leave something of value in the white paint (silk screen).

    94V-0 E206922 PS-1136-0AAD5-08002

The OP should read this, and make another attempt to find something
we can work with.



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