CPU Cooling Fan-Lubrication

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 :) The speed of my CPU fan goes down quite often.I lube
it with machine oil.It
evaporates after 7 days and I have to relube it
Can anyone suggest a
solution?May be, I have to use abit heavy oil.
I want a practical tried-out

Re: CPU Cooling Fan-Lubrication

Try buying a better fan.... or your computer is not vented enough with
a constant air flow allowing dust to settle
maybe a fan which fits instde the back of your pc to drag warm air out,
would help better.

If you have an computer air duster, spay the inside of your computer
including all the fans.

Re: CPU Cooling Fan-Lubrication

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Time to change the fan.

email: webwalker@bluebottle.com

Re: CPU Cooling Fan-Lubrication

Good advice already given.
Trouble is the thing spins like the clappers and the heat doesn't help
either, the poor ol' bearings got to have suffered somewhat, for peace
of mind get a new one.

Had a similar prob. with the Gigabyte Northbridge fan, kept stopping
and starting, kept re-oiling it to no avail, funny thing here was,
the mobo out of warranty I got on to Gigabyte to purchase a
replacement - they sent me 3 free of charge..!

It's isn't normal oil they use it normally an high temperature type
with a medium viscosity, sort of stay's where you put it.


Re: CPU Cooling Fan-Lubrication

On Fri, 03 Mar 2006 10:31:16 GMT, no@spam.invalid (esbee)

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Why did you use machine oil in the first place?

Don't ever use light oil to lube a fan, it is never a good
choice.  Get a lint-free paper towel and soak up as much of
that as possible from the bearingway then lube it with VERY
heavy oil, almost grease but not straight grease.

80 wt gear oil will work, or specially formulated heavier
oils.  You could even mix grease thoroughly with some medium
oil but the goal is always that it be VERY high viscosity.  

Are you sure your CPU fan isn't being thermally controlled,
that it is definitely failing?  I would suspect it's a lower
quality fan so I ask, what size (dimensions) is it?  If the
metal portion of the sink can accept a quality fan, you
might replace the fan but if it uses a smaller thin fan you
might want to replace the entire heatsink-fan assembly
instead... with one starting out with a good fan even if it
means having to buy a good fan separately and throwing away
the original fan.  Lots of lower-end to middle range
heatsinks have fairly poor fans on them, a decent fan should
last a decade.  Shoot for lowest RPM and thickest fan
possible while still providing sufficient airflow to cool
the CPU.

Re: CPU Cooling Fan-Lubrication

Thanks for your suggestion.Mine is a sleeved simple fan.I cant reduce
the speed
as then the size has to be bigger.I will try out the heavy
grease tip-it may

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