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what is the fastest cpu i can put on a dell optiplex gx1 motherboard?

Re: cpu

docs here;
http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/ban%5Fgx1 /

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Re: cpu

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One of the keys to upgrading, is what the BIOS is willing to
support. Back in that era, there were a few processors,
where the multiplier value was not supported by the
motherboard manufacturer's original BIOS. So, knowing something
about the BIOS, helps ensure a smooth upgrade.

The Powerleap PL-iP3/T is a Slot 1 ungrade product, with its own
regulator circuitry on the module. That removes the uncertainty
about the Vcore provided on the motherboard. This Slot 1 product,
supports the Tualatin processors that were the last of the line
for socket 370. In other words, Powerleap provides a S370
processor, plugged into their Slot 1 adapter. The 1.2GHz
model is still being sold.


You can look up your system here, to see if it is compatible.
The Optiplex GX1 apparently needs an optional separate cable,
as well as ordering the PL-iP3/T product.


This file has a bit more info:


The processor will draw about 35W or so, so with any luck
will not be too much for your power supply to drive. It is
not like the greedy current processors, that go up to 130W.

(For your video card upgrade, look for a FX5500 PCI card at
Newegg. There might still be a few left. I don't know what
kind of power they draw. There are likely also a few FX5200
PCI cards left as well.)

Have fun,

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