Corrupt NTFS Filesystem Redux

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On Mon, Oct 30 2006 2:04 pm Kony wrote:

"There is not much need for 1.5GB pagefile with 512MB physical memory.
you're better off setting a more conservative number like 512MB fixed
minimum and a max of 1.5GB (or more)."

That was a month ago when I changed it to 512MB/1.5GB. In that time I
have not experienced any corrupt NTFS filesystems.

I continue to make clones with Acronis TI, I continue to use removable
drive trays with Centronic connectors, I continue to defrag with
PerfectDisk, I continue to reboot often, I continue to run all the
same applications as in the past. But I do not get any corrupt NTFS

I delete all the mounted device keys in the Registry and I use Win98SE
"fdisk /mbr" to clear the first 4 bytes of the disk signature each
time I mount a new clone. Then Win2K makes me reboot in order to
install a new device.

However I still get the dual reference to each partition in the NT and
PD degraggers.


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Re: Corrupt NTFS Filesystem Redux

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 12:45:21 GMT, (Citizen Bob)

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Interesting if it does turn out to fix the problem.  

If the problem is fixed then when you do your clean Win2kSP4
installation you can go ahead and do those automated windows
backup, registry merge and file copy operations without
hesitation... though still retaining the original OS
installation for fall-back purposes.  

Re: Corrupt NTFS Filesystem Redux

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The obvious test now is to JUST put the page file back to
the old size and see if the NTFS file system corrupts again.

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