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Re: Corrupt Master File Table

On Sat, 8 Jul 2006 15:20:41 +0100, "Synapse Syndrome"

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First determine the value of the data to decide between a
data recovery center or attempting it yourself.

If attempting yourself, don't keep running the drive, leave
it off till you're ready to try the recovery.  Get some data
recovery software or try what you have.  Cost is possibly an
issue, again weighed against value of data.  I could be
judgemental and declare the data has to be of little value
since it wasn't backed up but.... sometimes you get stuck
with other people's mistakes to.

It might have corrupted during the defrag but because of the
existing problem.  Did it really need scheduled defrags?
Beyond a certain point they're just unnecessary addt'l wear.

Running the Maxtor Powermax (if you could), won't get the
data back.  Limit drive on-time to data recovery software
efforts.   You could try the old "put it in a freezer" trick
but that would be the last resort.

Re: Corrupt Master File Table

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These are only TV shows recorded using Showshifter.  They are of no monetary
value, but I would like to recover them all the same.  Do you think that the
high use of this section of the disk (recording and playback) would have
anything to do with the failure?  I don't think heat would have been
particulary high as I have fans and the ventilations seems to be pretty
good.  Even so, the whole disk has seen relatively low use and is less than
a year old.

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What software is there to deal with this problem?  And what causes a Corrupt
Master File Table normally?


Re: Corrupt Master File Table

|What software is there to deal with this problem?  

I have used /

with good luck.  You can download a demo version for free to see what
it would recover.  $40 if you want to use it.


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