Core i7 @ 4.33GHz @ 1.33v

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Is this for real???



ebay: Item number: 300405346188
Item location: Wheeling, IL, United States

Doesn't sound right. The 4GHz barrier has always been a problem, but 4.4@
'normal' volts??

Re: Core i7 @ 4.33GHz @ 1.33v

GT wrote:

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Quoted text here. Click to load it

Not listed here:

You could send a message to the eBay seller asking them how they could be
selling a product that Intel doesn't mention having.  You might find out
they're selling a 3.06GHz unit and giving [severely] overclocked values.

Have you seen the news about Newegg getting stuck selling counterfeit CPUs?
Their supplier IPEX claims they shipped a "demo" by mistake (it's a plastic
block as a mock up of a real CPU).  Newegg fired IPEX as a supplier.  So
maybe this eBay seller is also selling some IPEX fake shit.

Re: Core i7 @ 4.33GHz @ 1.33v

On Thu, 11 Mar 2010 13:41:46 -0000, "GT"

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Looks like it might be a cherry picked -920 that they
dubiously named a higher number because it overclocks well.

... or it might be anything else which why I recommend
avoiding products without clear specs or subject to someone
else's o'c attempts trying to get as much money out of it as

Regular voltage though, is subject to some error in
interpretation.  Some boards supply higher voltage than
their bios or CPU default due to errors in measurement, or
even deliberate board manufacturer tweaking to make a
marginally capable CPU VRM supply subcircuit stay above a
minimum voltage needed for stability when there is higher

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