Copy SD-card?

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I have a cellphone with a GPS-system on a 1GB SD-card.
Unfortunately, the cellphone only takes one card at a time, and the GPS uses
allmost all of the 1GB.
I tried to copy the files to another card, of 2GB (using explorer, "show
hidden files", no problem).

Didn't work.
When putting the new SD-card in the phone, it tells me something about "new
hardware" and a serial number that is not correct.
It probably detects something on the card, and finds out its not the same
card, huh?

However, I'm convinced there is a way to copy the card, but how?
Actually I was hoping it would be possible to make an "image" of the card,
and write this image to the new card.
I don't know whether this would work or not.

Searching the internet has not been - rewarding - so far.

Allmost any input will be most appreciated.

Sincerely/best regards

Mads Aggerholm

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