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I have a Dell Latitude laptop that is constantly overheating.  I've
tried a lot of the USB powered coolers but they don't fit into my bag
and drain my battery.  I came across a cooling device I've never seen
before on  Has anyone used it?  I wear cooling
vests for fire fighting and this sounds like the same technology that
keeps my body heat stress levels down.

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The 2 things that need cooling most are the cpu and psu. How is an
external non-blowing device going to contact these elements to conduct
the heat away?

I suspect you'd get more result if you made a shallow inflated cushion
in 2 halves and added valves so that any movement of laptop on lap
caused a puff of air to be blown in the vent. Not that diyable though.


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It's an icepack, basically, though the stuff inside it melts at around
78 deg F. Your laptop gets cooler, it gets warmer. Until both are the
same temperature.

The hotter your laptop, the less time this device will work for. It
cannot be reused until it cools off. Useless with ambient temperature
in the 80s, unless you keep it in an ice chest.

Really a pretty neat idea... Though i don't know of anyone who has
actually used it.

Re: Cooling my laptop

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The problem with most laptop coolers is that the bottom of
the laptop has a fair bit of insulation from the plastic
shell.  If the laptop is new you might seek warranty
replacement from manufacturer, or if beyond the warranty
period, check on the usual things such as fan failing or
dust accumulation.  If all else fails run it at a lower
speed, which will give you longer battery life and
potentially extend the overall life of the laptop too.

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