Convincing the gameport to work

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Recently I bought a new computer (intel PearlCreek DG31PR motherboard)
which has no gameport, so I installed my old PCI Soundblaster in it.
In Windows (XP professional) the SB works fine, but not the gameport -
it thinks the joystick is "not connected" although it is. The default
IO port of the SB is 220H, but I found that it's installed on D000H
for some reason, and thought it might be the problem.

When booting into DOS, the SB drivers won't install because they don't
find the SB on the 220H port.

I was adviced to set the BIOS to "no PnP OS", but my BIOS has no such
option. I thought that upgrading the BIOS might do it, but I want to
be sure there's no other solution before I  try that...

Could be that it's a PnP problem in windows? Is there any PnP utility
for making windows install the SB at 220H? Or any other solution?

Also, in Device Drivers I noticed that the PCI bus is splitted into
two area in the IO section - one is [0-CF7] and the other is [D00-
FFFF]. As the SB is installed in the second area, and should have been
in the first, I thought that something made it go to the wrong place.
Does anyone know why it is that it's splitted into two sections, and
whether that could have caused my problem?

Thanks a lot.

Re: Convincing the gameport to work

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Welcome to the world of Creative... They rarely release drivers that work

Download the latest drivers from the Creative website and install them. If
that doesn't fix it, don't waste your time trying.

Might be time to invest in a USB game controller. Those 15 pin ports have
been obsolete for a long while now.

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