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I'm trying to rescue some data off a laptop hard drive but can't get my
desktop system to see the hard drive after connecting it with an adapter.

My desktop is a standard PC running XP Pro with two IDE ports.  I've
connected the FMI laptop to IDE converter to the laptop drive and then to an
IDE connector in the desktop.  The power connector is connected as well.
When I boot up the desktop everything works fine and my other drives appear
but not the laptop drive connected with the adapter.

Is there something else I should be doing or have overlooked in making this
connection?  It doesn't appear as though the OS sees that there is another
drive there.  I would think that XP would automatically detect the added
drive and list it in My Computer.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Re: convert laptop drive to desktop use

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005 13:48:03 -0400, "Bob"

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Try putting the drive on the end of an IDE cable, alone, and
see if the bios detects it... no point in fooling with
windows IF the bios isn't detecting it yet.

Re: convert laptop drive to desktop use

kony wrote:

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Double check whether IDE cable is a straight cable or a cable select
cable.  Is the laptap drive correctly jumpered as a master or slave or
???.  Have you correctly identified pin 1 of the laptop-IDE adapter?

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