Controlling chassis fan without any special controller??

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Hello NG,

this question may sound a bit crazy and it is:)

I've built my gaming system (a bit old in the meantime but still good
enough) in a quite smaller system. I wanted to use the bigger and almost
prettier tower for my working computer. Then I discovered that the
smaller case has got a case for a chassis fan on the front-side (little
plastic cage). So I had found a superb place the additional fan I had to
install. Now the air is flowing through case perfectly but the fan makes
a lot of noise.

The longer the speech, the less thought -- I want to reduce the noise a
little bit without spending money (noise is okay for gaming, but it
would be nice). Is there any possibility since the mainboard doesn't
support controlling the fans?

I've got one adapter from Molex (harddisk power connector) to fan
connector. Maybe the hard disk power supply could be interrupted in any way.

If you've got any idea how to control the fan, please tell me. Otherwise
it's no problem for me to endure the noise while gaming.

Thanks for reading
Daniel Böhmer, Germany

Re: Controlling chassis fan without any special controller??

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Yes...all you need to to is add a switch to turn the fan on and off...
or a variable resistor (of sufficient power) to simply vary the speed

Re: Controlling chassis fan without any special controller??

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This one plugs between the power source and the fan. The
fan should have a rating printed on the hub of the fan, and
the Fanmate2 is OK up to 0.5A of current.

There are a number of multi-channel fan controllers that
sit in a drive tray. This one is an example of a high power
controller (up to 1.5A per channel). (Note that there are
some inferior designs that look similar to this one, so
be sure to read some reviews from buyers of the product,
before purchasing one.)

The above two devices are fixed speed designs. The fan speed will
not change with temperature, when using the above products. But
you may manually adjust the speed, to the desired noise level.


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