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Mi serve cambiare scheda madre, processore e memoria perche' ho bisogno
di maggiore potenza di elaborazione. La virtualizzazione e' troppo lenta
sul mio Core 2 Quad Q6600. Non ho purtroppo idea di come fare per
prendere un ottimo prodotto per qualita'/prezzo. Per lavoro uso i7
(i7-2600) e sono soddisfattissimo, a casa pero' non voglio spendere
cosi' tanto.

Mettiamo 250 euro di budget, cosa riesco a mettere assieme?

Io pensavo:
AMD FX 6100
Asrock as970extreme4

I'll be reading you,

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Davide Davini wrote:
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 > From ...
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 > I need to change the motherboard, processor and memory 'cause I need
 > more processing power. Virtualization and 'too slow
 > on my Core 2 Quad Q6600. Unfortunately I have not idea how to go about
 > take a great product for quality '/ price. For work I use i7
 > (i7-2600) and I am very satisfied at home but 'I do not want to spend
 > so 'much.
 > We have 250 euro budget, what I can put together?
 > I thought:
 > AMD FX 6100
 > Asrock as970extreme4
 > 2x4GB

    Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz  2,976

    AMD FX-6100 Six-Core              5,398

    Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.40GHz      8,432

The FX-6100 rates highly in the "Best Value" chart,
so you have done a good job of selecting a CPU.
This chart relates "passmarks" to "dollars" and
helps identify processors which give the best value
for the money. You still need to determine though,
whether the processor has a high enough Passmark figure
for it to fit your requirements. A low end processor
can have a high value for this metric, and not be
worth buying. But if 5,398 Passmarks is enough performance
(64% of the 2600 performance), then it's a good value.
The FX-6100 is 1.81x the speed of the Q6600. so the
difference isn't that large.

The FX-8350 has a relatively high Passmark

    AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core    9,289

but in the value chart, is a bit lower

                              Value for the dollar

    AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core    42.22

    AMD FX-6100 Six-Core         51.41

Which means, if you were to buy the 8350, you get a higher
overall Passmark, but you also pay proportionally more
dollars per passmark for it.

The 8350 is also in the chart here.

If I shop for these alternatives, and get a price off Newegg for them:

    Intel Core i7-3770K @ 3.50GHz  9,634 passmark,  $320

    AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core         9,289 passmark,  $220

So there is still some value in it, compared to the
best Intel for the average desktop user. While the
Intel Core i7-3930K has an even higher Passmark, in
practice it's not as well balanced as 3770K, and the
3770K is a better buy. And the 8350 is giving much
the same performance. Where the 3770K wins, is when
you overclock it.


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Paul wrote:
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Thanks Paul, sorry I used Italian but it was a mistake. I thought to be
posting on it.comp.hardware.

What you said makes perfect sense and the FX-6100 doesn't seem enough
for what I need to do. The 8350 is interesting but out of budget, I was
maybe thinking about 8150 or 8120. Price here in Italy is reasonable -
150/177 euros - and especially the 8150 seems to have good enough
performance compared with the Q6600.

I'll be reading you,

Capitalisation is the difference between helping
your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse

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