Connecting my 6800 GT to a TV

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I have a Xfx geforce 6800 GT with a standard S-video output, my TV is a
Toshiba as featured on this site: =

I have managed to connect it successfully using this kit:

however I get a really crappy picture, it is very fuzzy and blurry.  I know
that there are around a dozen different TV types to choose from under the
nvidia options and they give varying results however one of the PAL options
gives black and white with a perfect picture (aside from it being black &

Now I was told that my TV would have to have an S-video compatible scart
socket for it to work in colour which as this picture shows,
it does.

The site I purchased the scart kit from also offers an adaptor for putting
the s-video through the composite connection which is this item : is that what I need?

Don't fancy watching everything in B&W and don't fancy getting a headache
from the crappy picture in other modes!

Just for ref it is a PAL Tv in the Uk & the max res I could put it in for
B&W was 1024x768 but res wise it was great...

Any suggestions?!

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