Connect Soundcard to DVD drive

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Hi everyone,

I have sound on board, but I am thinking of building in a sound card in
my PC.

On the back of my DVD drive I dont see a port to connect the audio cable.

The DVD drive is a Hitachi/LG GDR-H10N.

Am I looking wrong?


Re: Connect Soundcard to DVD drive

Turtle wrote:
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No longer needed

Re: Connect Soundcard to DVD drive

Turtle wrote:
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There is a picture on this page, that shows the connectors you may find.

The two pin connector, is digital and is an S/PDIF connection. In
the photo, the pins are labeled "Data" and "Ground" or D and G.

This Sound Blaster card, has a two pin connector to match that one.

SPDIF carries two channel audio, uncompressed. Or, it can carry
Dolby AC3 compressed 5.1 channel info (found on movie discs). If
you hear nothing but scratchy noises coming into the sound card,
it means AC3 encoding is being used. Uncompressed audio would work


The second connector on here, is a four pin analog. That is
the traditional audio output, consisting of "Right" "Ground" "Ground" "Left".
Motherboard audio or a sound card, may have a matching connector. A good
receiving device, has a differential input, to help reject noise coupled
into the cable.



Some optical drives now, have no connections on the back. You
must extract audio over the data cable. This is known as
"Digital Audio Extraction". On IDE drives, there is an option
in Windows to enable DAE.

Device Manager : DVD/CD-ROM drives : <your drive> : Properties : Digital CD

Use the tick box to enable that feature. A music player application
may then be able to play music, using data traveling over
the optical drive cable.


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