connect internal IDE HDD to laptop

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Hi there,

i've got a few internal IDE HDD's that i want to somehow use on my laptop.
Mainly to stores files. Is there an adaptor that will allow me to do this?

thanks for any comments.

Re: connect internal IDE HDD to laptop

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If these are 3.5 hard drives, you could fit one in an
external USB case, and plug it into your laptop.

Here`s just one example (the one I use).

Re: connect internal IDE HDD to laptop

mav wrote:

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A ide to usb converter might be right for you.  It provides the electronics
that you would get in an external usb HD enclosure without the box.  I'm
assuming your laptop is young enough to speak usb2.  usb1 to tooooo slow!

Re: connect internal IDE HDD to laptop

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Now I'm wondering what other purpose you would have a hdd for except storing
files.. (maybe a paperweight?)

I would doubt you'd fit a desktop size (3.5") hdd into the laptop, so that
just leaves USB (or possibly firewire if you laptop supports it)..

As others have said, you can either buy the whole enclsoure or just the
adapter itself..


Re: connect internal IDE HDD to laptop


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Yes, put them back into the system they came out of and add
the rest to same system, then put a wlan adapter in that
system.  All kidding aside, the best way to implement
several drives is to put them all in a NAS and since the
client device is mobile, wireless makes the most sense
unless these are very large files, then of course the
fastest wired ethernet that the laptop supports instead of

Re: connect internal IDE HDD to laptop

thanks guys, let me try to get a ide to usb adaptor and see how i go.

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Re: connect internal IDE HDD to laptop

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are you aware that laptop and desktop HDDs are have different size
connectors.   Both are IDE   (Not to be confused with Floppy which
looks a bit like IDE from the outside, but isn't)

Laptop HDDs are 2.5" IDE and desktop HDDs are 3.5" IDE.

And if you googled to look at devices to let youy do what you want to
do, you'd see what is obvious, which is that you need a 2.5"-3.5"
I think these come in either a cable form, or a PCB with 2.5" IDE
connector on one face and the 3.5" connector other on the other face.

USB-IDE adaptor is a good idea, but get e.g. a 2.5"-3.5" cable too
I can't remember how the laptop hdd receives power, something to do
with pins of the laptop ide cable supplying it with power. I think a
2.5-3.5 kit should show a picture or provide all you need to get it
done. THen you just want a USB-IDE adaptor.

If you want to use the HDD daily for longe priods, you may want a USB-
IDE enclosure (it contains a USB-IDE adaptor, and a fan). May Keep the
drive cooler.

Re: connect internal IDE HDD to laptop

On 15 Apr 2007 04:10:22 -0700, ""

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Yes a 2.5" gets the power over pins on same connector as
data, typically an adapter has a wired power plug coming off
of it for this.

However, my interpretation of the OP's post was that he had
internal drives, as-in, 3.5", that were to be used with the

Unless he's wanting to continually swap cables around and
package and unpackage drives so they're protected in the
interim, which could get a bit tedious over time, he'll
probably want multiple enclosures and a USB hub IF USB is
the route most desired, so the whole lot of drives connects
with a single USB plug into the laptop.  

Problem is, the costs start adding up, it could be as cost
effective to just get one new drive and a USB enclosure, or
a ready-made kit with drive and enclosure as one product.  
Maybe a pair of them for redundancy if this is a lone,
important data store.

Then again we don't even know if OP has a desktop system...
might be more reasonable to just put as many drives into it
as will fit then network as supported by both systems, OR
again the alternative of just getting one new drive instead
and putting in the desktop system.   Nothing was mentioned
about a need for these drives to be portable with the laptop
and we don't even know the capacity required.  LOL, for all
we know it might work as well to just buy an 8GB CF card,
they're now down under $100.

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