Configuration ok?

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Yo guys :)

I might buy this configuration:
What do you think?

-  mother board: Asrock K8 upgrade - 1689
- processor: AMD Athlon 64 3400+
- RAM 512 MB  
- graph card ATI RADEON 9600 128Mb
- floppy disk 1.44 MB 3.5"
- burner NEC ND-3540A
- HDD  200 GB 7200 SATA
- sound card integrated 5.1
- network adapter integrated

I will add 1GB more latter on.

Is graph card ok?
Mother board?

Re: Configuration ok?

alex wrote:

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How do you expect us to know whether it is good or not if you don't tell
us what it is for?

It is a nice budget system, it will do for office and simple games.
Playing more advanced games (FEAR, DOOM, Quake and things like that)
won't work very well, because the graphics card is a bit old.

The PSU might suck, I don't know the brand, but if it is a no name,
sweex, qtec or so: get a different one.

The motherboard seems to be socket 754 (and upgrade, so I suppose it can
become a S939?), but I would go for socket 939 now.

Re: Configuration ok?

On Thu, 27 Oct 2005 12:51:47 +0200, Marc
<Marc*dot*hulsebosch*at*gmail*dot*com> wrote:

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Ditto on everything Marc wrote, 'twas a very good reply.

Re: Configuration ok?


   up the memory to 1 gig, ddr 400.  you can get that pretty cheap.  y
our system sounds like a mid-line system.  other than that...looks
good.  of course i'd 'nix the floppy drive :).

Re: Configuration ok?

Tnx guys!

Yes I know it is not cutting edge, but it is what I can afford right
When I get a steady job, I will upgrade.


tnx again!


Re: Configuration ok?

I'd seriously consider backing off on the processor a tad and putting
the savings into another 512MB of RAM.

I'd suggest the Sempron64 3400+ for $126 at Newegg, but it apparently
won't run on the K8 upgrade board.


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