Computer won't boot - need help

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Computer Repair Experts:

Here is my system (what I know):

ABS P4 2.4 Ghz (no hyperthreading or dual core - bought before the new
naming convention)
512M Ram
Asus - P4-533C mother board
Creative Soundcard
ATI X800 XT video card (4X AGP)
On board ethernet

The computer was working fine, I leave it running 90% of the time. I
had turned the computer off for a few days when I was on vacation, when
I returned, I pressed the power on button, the LED came on, I heard the
hard drive spin up, the hd led illuminated, goes out, and then nothing.
The display (LED) never gets the video signal. I tried swapping the
video card and the problem still exists. All the fans are on, the green
LED on the mother board is lit, and the optical drives seem to be
working (or at least getting power). When I press the Caps lock or Num
lock key on the keyboard it does not illuminate the corresponding LED
(since the computer never really boots up). I replaced the CMOS
battery. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Robert Berman

Re: Computer won't boot - need help

Robert Berman wrote:
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does it make sound ,beep. if it doesn't maybe motherboard is dead.
You should also check that memory is sitting right,and it's not unusual
that cpu is stuck to the cooler and then due to shacking or movement of
case just lose grip with socket(sck478).Take cpu out ,put it back and
make sure that it sits firmly into the socket,and ofcourse put back cooler.

hope it helps and that nothing went to the other side:)

my photography :

Re: Computer won't boot - need help

I suspect a bad motherboard; they will sometimes work indefinitely once warmed
up but will not start up when cold. Leave it turned on for a few hours to warm
it up and then press the reset button. If it still does not work unplug all
devices, disk drives, video adapter, memory etc., leaving only the power plug
and processor on the motherboard. When you power up you should get a beep code
for no memory. Use a digital voltmeter to check the power supply voltage.

Robert Berman wrote:
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                   Mike Walsh
            West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

Re: Computer won't boot - need help

Often clearing the CMOS battery jumper will fix. If not, likely bad
motherboard or power supply. Keep replacing parts until fixed.

Re: Computer won't boot - need help

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Try pulling memory out, if you have multiple chips. I had a problem like
this and in my case it was one of the memory chips not initializing
properly, it was burned.

 - Bogdan

Re: Computer won't boot - need help

On 13 Jul 2006 08:40:26 -0700, "Robert  Berman"

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Do you mean P4T533-C?
Mine just died.  You should post on the Asus group if you want to dig
in.  If you want to stay with your Rambus (not recommended), *don't*
pay outrageous amounts for an ebay  used, unknown quality P4T533-C.
The Intel D850EMVR can be found new retail for 60 bucks, runs the
1066mhz Rambus.  Put a 10 buck NIC in it and you're back where you
started.  I did that because I didn't want to toss a gig of 1066, and
because my son can use it as a second box.
You might want to just pick up P4P800SE, and a gig of matched DDR 400.
Reuse your P4 cpu, which is 533fsb, or find an 800fsb P4 cpu (hard to
find Northwoods).  You'll have a better machine which will play new
games better than the P4T533-C.  Using your current chip, this will
cost you 200 bucks.  And you'll have SATA/RAID support, and get to
keep your AGP card..
An even better option is to just go on to the 9xx chipset if you stay
with Intel, but you will need MB, CPU, Graphics, memory and perhaps
Much more expensive than the previous 2 options, but less hassle in
available options, and more performance.


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