Computer Temp and Cooling Options

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I programmed a high-speed vision system built into a custom-made server
computer with an Intel Board and a Pentium 4 CPU (I didn't make the
computer, a professional at the camera manufacturer did).

Everything works great, but the customer has a problem with the fan.
It's always on and it's very very loud. They also don't like the fact
that the cpu is operating between 40-45 degrees C. They want a
replacement that will both cool better and be much quieter. They asked
if perhaps they could get a better quality fan or alternative. The want
to know if they've melted the CPU.

I haven't built a computer since 1999 and laptops started taking over
the world. I know that there are some cooling options out there, but
can anyone recommend something?

Greatly appreciated,

Re: Computer Temp and Cooling Options

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Have a look at the cooling sections of Anandtech, Tomshardware or Xbitlabs.
You will find detailed reviews including cooling performance, build quality
and noise level.

Re: Computer Temp and Cooling Options

TBass wrote:
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Not until they start hitting 60+ long term. Those temps are OK for a

To get quieter with less noise the fans need to be larger. Water
cooling is possible, but can be difficult to build and maintain.

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