computer shutting down by itself............pleas help

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Hi, I am having a problem with my computer. It just keeps shutting off
by itself
while I am in the middle of working. Does anyone know what
the cause of this
might be? Also is there an easier less expensive
way(like free) to delete
unwanted  contents of my hard drive that
wont come up without having to buy any
software   :crybaby:

Re: computer shutting down by itself............pleas help

(Candy) wrote:

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The computer could shut off because the processor got too hot.
A fan inside the computer may have stopped working, because it
got full of dirt, and that might let the CPU overheat.
Or the power supply could be weak from old age, and shuts off
when the load on it becomes too great.

SpeedFan ( downloadable from )
can be used to display any information collected by your motherboard
monitor chip.

There is a picture of Speedfan here:

So, have a bit of fun with SpeedFan first, then post back any
numbers you manage to find. In any case, the next time you post,
please include details about the computer, because we are very
bad mind readers. Motherboard brand/model name, CPU, memory type,
power supply type (and anything printed on the side of it),
video card type (and whether it has a fan), disk drives, whatever
else you have stuffed in the computer.

And have a look inside the computer, if there is a panel on
the side that is easy to remove. You might see something
obviously wrong with it (like some part of it has fallen off).
The video card could have a fan, the CPU has a fan on top of it,
the power supply has a fan, and there may be other fans mounted
on the computer case itself. Have a look at all of those, to see
if any of them are stopped. Not all fans can be monitored
by SpeedFan, just a limited few.


Re: computer shutting down by itself............pleas help

Check for the "sasser" virus

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