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A social organization I'm a member of wants to get some good computer
projectors they can use for meetings and conferences and asked me to
come up with some suggestions

Here's what my quick search has suggested to me... Looking for any

On the LCD v DLP debate I see the LCD side saying they can better
manage overall brightness levels of the different colors.  The DLP
side says they can do many many millions more of colors.  They also
say the color fidelity is better.  A reviewer on Amazon said they
liked DLP better after comparing a lot of different brands and types.
The DLP is said to "rainbow" which some people find a distraction.

Anyone have any insights into which is better in their experience?
Opinions on brands?  I see a lot of good reviews for BenQ's DLP
projectors.  Do DLP "spinning color wheels" break down?  I'm thinking
I would want somewhere around 3000 lumens for a 50 person sized
meeting room with  a large screen so people can see things easily. Is
there any such thing as an easily transportable large screen? In the
past we've used those old "home movie" screens from 8 mm days and they
are just too small for a meeting room.

The other thing I see is the divergence of "business" projectors
versus "home theatre" projectors.  Since we will be using them for
presentions off laptops I expect the business projectors are what we
need.  The other question is SVGA, XGA, or WXGA.  From what I've read
it seems like SVGA is really not good enough, esp for larger screens.
Since we won't be doing wide aspect ratio movies the XGA seems like
the way to go.  The wide formats I don't see offering any benefit for
this kind of "business" use and might even be a drawback.

We're also thinking of buying a couple computers for use with the
projectors. My thinking on that is that virtually any modern bare
bones laptop will work to do powerpoints and such.

Appreciate any feedback on any of this.

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