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I have a Gateway 400VTX laptop.  Recently, I have two problems and I
wonder if they are connected.  First, the computer overheats and then
turns itself off.  Second, sometimes, when I close the lid, the screen
would become dim but would work again when I turn the computer off and
back on.

About a year ago, I replaced the backlight inverter.

Any suggestions for a possible cause of these problems?  Any chance
that the two problems are related?


Re: computer overheating question wrote:
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Well. Cost/Beniift time. You have already sunk a certian amount of
money in this machine. It may be time to consider if you're throwing
good money after bad. Is it better to get a new laptop then spend the
time and money to fix the bad one?. If you're paying somone, the labor
is a big part of the repair cost.

I'm thinking that the backlight is getting ready to fail again.
(dimming backlight)

As to the overheating: have any of the fans failed? And is the heatsink
making good contact with the CPU? You may just need to clean off the
old thermal paste and apply a new layer.

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