Computer freezes

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Hi there,

I operate a GTX 260, Q9550, EVGA 780i, 4 GB Ram, 1000 Watt PSU.

I got my cuilt my pc in sept 2008, and had no prblems till feb. 2009,
but the
past 2 months. I have been having problems...

When I play games such Left 4 Dead, and Call of Duty computer
freezes, as
in my computer screen goes black, and the computer locks up,
and the sound goes
into a "sound loop".

I have checked my temps...they are always below 60-65, while playing

I have updated my drivers.

I have cleaned out my PC.

Im starting to think my hard drive is the I hear it make
click" noises at times.

Any suggestions.


Re: Computer freezes

Bobby P wrote:
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Re: Computer freezes

On Thu, 9 Apr 2009 10:36:47 -0500, Bobby P

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Since you may have a different problem or at least different
cause, you should start a new topic.

You might check the hard drive cables, but hard drives do
click from time to time, it's probably not the problem.

It seems more likely to still be a driver problem or game
bugs, though you might run 3DMark benchmark a few times to
see if that does the same thing, as well as common tests
like memtest86+ and Prime95's Torture Test while observing
temperatures still (you didn't mention if 60-65C was only
CPU or some other temps like northbridge and video card) and
voltages (preferribly with a multimeter).

Since you get sound looping you should also try disabling
sound temporarily to see if the crashing still occurs, and
if you ever get bluescreens write down the stop error code.

Re: Computer freezes

 I have checked my temps...they are always below 60-65, while playing

is that Celsius or Fahrenheit  

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