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I have an e-machine model T2742, a little more than a year old. It has
suddenly stopped working for me. It is completely dead. I checked the
electrical outlet and that's fine.  When I try to push the button to start
the PC, not even a sound comes out of it, it's as if it isn't even plugged
My original thought was that the power supply was burned-out, however; I
bought a new one to try, and still the same thing, even with a new power

Does anyone have any idea what other components would cause the PC to
completely die-out like this?

Please help if you can.

Thank You,

Vince P.

Re: Computer Failure

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 01:59:21 GMT, "Vp"

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Had anything changed since system last worked, even external
things such as moving the system around?

Try unplugging PSU from AC, use the clear CMOS jumper or
pull battery for 10 minutes, then reconnect PSU to AC and
retry it.

Next test that PSU turns on... old PSU, new PSU, might as
well try both of them.  Disconnect it from everything except
an old hard or optical drive and short pin 14 (PS-On,
usually green wire (see link below) ) to a ground, black
wire.  PSU should turn on, fan spinning, and signs of life
from the connected drive.  At that point if you have a
multimeter, take voltage readings.

While case is still open, examine motherboard for failed
capacitors (domed tops, swelling or leaky residue), loose
cables/cards/memory/etc, and failed fans (that don't spoin
easily and freely with power off since power won't stay on).
A strong light source may be helpful during this
examination, even turning system in it's side and removing
some parts.

If no luck yet, begin stripping system down, first removing
all non-essential parts.  You might after removing some,
plug the AC back in and try to start the system, unplug
again and ultimately remove all but CPU, heatsink/fan, 1
memory module and video card.  All drives, keyboard, mouse,
and front case wiring should be unplugged.  Note which two
pins connected to the front case power button and short the
two together to turn system on after returnging AC power to

At this point you have only PSU, memory and CPU (with
heatsink).  Since PSU is changed and presumably tested above
as suggested, it has come down to the "odds" being that the
motherboard has failed.  It would be good to check the
battery voltage now, if you had not already- even before
removing any other parts you should check the battery
voltage and replace it if much below 3V.  

If all else fails the remaining most likely suspect is the
motherboard.  Of course if you have another compatible
system the memory or CPU can be tried in it, but memory and
CPU rarely fail without external cause.

Re: Computer Failure

If replacing the PSU didn't fix it, then most likely the motherboard has


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