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Ok, so today I was using both of my computers as normal - and Computer
1 had just been logged off with the monitor turned off.  I was trying
to print from Computer 2, and it wasn't working, so I began checking
connections on both computers.  After pressing in the cables on the
back of computer 1, the computer started beeping, and when i went to
log back in - there was no display on the monitor.  So I restarted, and
on start up it was just beeping again with no monitor display.  It's
beeping like this:

2 very short beeps (almost sounds like one)
8 short beeps
2 short beeps
1 short beep

I've looked at many different websites about the error beep codes, but
I cannot find any that can explain what the problem is.

Any help is appreciated.

Re: Computer Error

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Same for any of us, as long as you don't provide any info about your
motherboard and bios !

Re: Computer Error

Nevermind...I just turned it on again, seems to have fixed itself after
sitting for a while :S :P

Thanks for the help though :D

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Re: Computer Error

On 4 Aug 2006 00:08:41 -0700, wrote:

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POST beeps interpretation is listed on many sites. Try:


Re: Computer Error wrote:
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It is possible to partially unseat some early AGP video cards from
their socket just by plugging in the video cable. (Hence the retianing
clip now seen) Solution being to reaseat the video card and hope
nothing got permatnently shorted.

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