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Will any of these HDD's work with my computer? (free HDD)
(My motherboard)

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Ron wrote:
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You'll be able to attach up to two IDE drives to your parallel ATA port.
  Normally, though, the lone parallel ATA port and a board that supports
serial ATA drives is occupied by an optical drive or two.  I can't say
what you have, of course.

It's also my guess that those IDE drives are slow, small and possibly
failing.  You would probably be better served by buying a SATA drive.
You can get 80GB for about $45, or 160GB for $55.

The SCSI drives will not work on your motherboard without some sort of
add-in card.  Your donor says that he also has cards, but the type is
unknown.  Presumably the cards would at least match the drives.

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Grinder wrote:
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IDE drives are not slow, not small, not any more likely to fail
than SATA drives.  The only real difference is the interconnection
mechanism and cables.  The critical thing (for the OP) is "what
kind of interconnection do I have available".

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Re: Computer Dummy Question

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Thanks, guys. It doesn't matter now because they have already
been given away, even though the ad said after 5 pm today.

There is nothing wrong with my HDD, I just wanted a backup or 2
for *free*.

Re: Computer Dummy Question

CBFalconer wrote:
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I was making no comment on the state of the technology--only on the
state of specific drives collected from a pile of unwanted hardware.

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